I remember all too well how overwhelming it was when I started that first design business and saw the amazing content that other folks were sharing. How did they manage to come up with blogposts that seemed like they were written just for me? How was it possible to have an Instagram feed look that good?! And how the heck did they find the time to do all of this while running their own businesses?!!

My superpower is the ability to take something complex and make it incredibly simple.

So I got to work developing unique systems and approaches that cut my time spent marketing in half and gave me a road map for creating content my dream customers would love, without reinventing the wheel every month (I call it MOJO). The more entrepreneurs that I helped with their branding, the more I realized that they were struggling with the same overwhelming to-do list I had a few years ago…they needed this marketing know-how as much as I did. Lots of designers can make social graphics, but I bring an business understanding and a love of organization that take your branded content to a whole new level.

I’ve been called a magic-maker, but I prefer the title ‘brand designer & content strategist.’

I love combining my design expertise and entrepreneurial experience to simplify marketing systems and help small business owners feel confident in the way their brand communicates online.

Currently, I live and work in Dallas, Texas - and I would love to meet you! If you’re in town, let’s grab a coffee - otherwise you can contact me on Twitter, Instagram, or libertyriggs@gmail.com.


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In a nutshell: I help my clients feel confident, inspired, organized, and taken-care-of.