The Solutions

BRAND VOICE GUIDE: I developed a series of documents to guide Lindsey and her team in creating and scheduling social content.  The first document we worked on was a Brand Voice Guide, which explains the Mostess voice - which words and phrases to use, what tone of voice, and how to frame content for different platforms. 


SOCIAL MEDIA: Next, we took the guidelines established in the Brand Voice Guide and developed a Content Schedule, so Mostess knows what type of content to publish during each part of their bimonthly sales cycle, and I designed a series of social graphic templates that could be re-used each month to create the visuals the team needed.


NEWSLETTER: We also developed a beautiful, streamlined newsletter template that would make it easy for the Mostess team to send out consistent emails each week. Hosted in Mailchimp, the template included drag-n-drop sections that can be edited or rearranged in a cinch.


The Results

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